Top 5 Places to Find Repo Cars For Sale

When looking for Repo cars for sale, you will often find the best selections and the lowest prices by going to the bigger car auctions that sell bank repossessed cars and trucks. Repoed cars and truck typically sell for much less than private party. Since a lot of sellers don’t tell the truth, buy from repo auctions isn’t much riskier then buying from private party or even a used car dealership. In addition to bank repos, these auctions could also include government repos and impounds for failure to pay taxes, fine or confiscated as a result of criminal activity. When you go to an auction, find out if you can where the repo came from. This might give you some idea of how it has been treated and what the car repo is really worth.

You can often find repo cars for sale by going straight to the source. This mean you can call local lending institutions in your area and ask the for a list. Although most banks would rather just work with one company and sell all their auctions at once. You may have to ask more then one person to help you but hopefully it won’t take to long to find what you are looking for.

Some lenders will sell their cars on their own. They will keep them all in one place and have a set time, (right before bidding0, when you can go and look at them. Other sell often sell them through a third party vendor. This vendor will advertise the action and either get paid per listing or on a straight commission for the amount for which every car is sold. If they use dealer as their third party, they may even put the repos on there lots and not even bother to tell you where the car came from. Because dealer’s often have the highest margins on these cars it is cheaper for you to find where the auctions are and go their to bis and thus cut out the middle man.

Another great resource online is repossessed car sites to find information about when and where auctions take place. Everyone today has an online presence. Finding the website for a local auction house can be a great way to get a good deal on a used car. I would avoid long distant relationships at all costs though when it comes to car buying. Often this creates a problem in shipping and inspecting the car plus it is hard to know whether or not the car is real before you buy it.

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