Finding Car Auctions Online

Finding online car auctions isn’t particularly hard and the convenience they offer is great. You just need to know where to look for auctions online and always use your best judgment to avoid scams.

Sticking to well-known, reputable websites will help you avoid those people just looking to cheat you. Here are a few of the best places to start your search for a car online.

Government Car Auction Websites. These sites are searchable, so you can look for specific repossessed cars or vehicles for auctions in certain states. There will be information for both online and live auctions that include seized vehicles as well as surplus ones (cars government agencies have been using for usually 2-3 years and are now selling). One of the most comprehensive sites is You can also try www.USGovernmentAuctions.Net and It is a good idea to look at a few different sites because the auctions and cars will not be exactly the same on each one.

Some government auctions are done completely online and some are done live and online at the same time. This means you can bid from your computer against live bidders at the actual auction site.

The starting bids on seized cars usually are pretty low, but condition can be a concern. The government surplus vehicles are usually in good condition, so it is important to be aware of where the car came from.

Online Car Auction Websites. Some auction agencies will auction cars through online auctions. It is also common for them to allow internet bidders to compete with the live auctions. Your bid will be sent into the auction in real time, so you can have confidence in your ability to bid with participants who are at the actual auction site. Look at or similar websites to get a feel for these types of auctions.

Typically you need to register beforehand to bid, so be sure to get onto the site well before the auction. Most will have an online catalogue of cars that will be sold with plenty of pictures for you to look at. You can sign up for automatic bidding, where the computer will increase your bid whenever you are outbid up to your pre-set maximum amount. You can also ask to receive notifications to your phone or computer whenever someone outbids you.

General Auction Websites. Many people have bought or sold something on eBay. You can check out for their current car auctions online. These tend to be done by private party owners or dealers rather than auction agencies. Generally, the auction is completely online with no participants at a physical auction site. Because of this, they usually run longer than other auctions, though many have a “Buy-It Now” price that lets you purchase the car for that amount rather than waiting for the auction to end. If you decide you would prefer not to buy

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