7 Secrets to Finding Repo Cars at Online Auto Auctions:

7 Secrets to Finding Online Auto Auctions:
If you are interested in buying cars through online auto auctions, you want to find as many auctions as possible. This increases the inventory you can choose from and lets you decide which sites, agencies and people you prefer to work with.
To be successful doing this, you need to go beyond the typical sites that first pop-up. Whenever you get a new lead on an auction, be sure to follow through on it and get as much information as you can. This can help you find additional auctions too.
Try these 7 secrets to find more repo cars at online auto auctions.
1.  Search the internet for auctions with several different search engines. Google, yahoo, and bing will all direct you to different sites. You can also try sites like dogpile.com that combine the results of searching with different engines onto one page, which is fast and convenient, though not always as thorough as using each one separately.
2.  Use different search words to find different sites. Small variations like “online auto auctions” vs. “online car auctions” or “auto auctions online” can give you different sites in a different order. You can find several more auctions without spending much more time or effort. Also remember to periodically try new searches as new sites will come up as they become more popular and well-known.
3.  Contact frequent sellers on eBay. If you notice someone that frequently auctions off vehicles on eBay, consider emailing them to ask if they run auctions on other sites. While you need to be careful of what sites you work through and the sellers you choose to work with to help you avoid scams, it can be a simple way to find more auctions from a legitimate dealer or auction agency. Many times someone who is always running auto auctions does so in on multiple sites.
4.  Check Craigslist and similar sites for private party auction announcements. If an owner decides to auction off his vehicle online, he will probably post about it on sites like this to attract people looking to buy a car. You may also find other auction ads on these types of sites that you can follow-up on too.
5.  Ask local auction agencies if they run online auctions in addition to or in conjunction with their live ones. Some may run separate internet auctions for particular vehicles or they may allow online bidding during a live auction. If they use live webcasts and real-time bidding, you can bid conveniently from your computer rather than having to physically be at the auction, competing just as if you were there. This allows you to bid at several auctions during the same time period if you want to.
6.  Call local charities that accept donated vehicles and ask them how they sell off those cars. Many of them use auction agencies that run online auto auctions, which can lead you to auctions and sites you have not found before. These auctions may have a more varied inventory than the ones specializing in repossessed autos or seized cars.
7.  Always sign-up for future auction notifications. Whenever you find an auction, ask if there is list you can be added to so you will automatically be sent announcements of future auctions. This way you will not have to search for those future auctions. Some sites will require a one-time or annual membership fee for this service, but it can be worth it in the time it saves you and how many more auctions are easily found for you. You may learn about auctions you would have no other way of knowing about.

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