The Pros and Cons of Car Auctions, 6 Different types

Let’s say, you want to own a sophisticated SUV without even risking a very high budget. Instead of allocating a cost around $20,000 for a Toyota SUV, why not stride your steps to an upcoming or currently held car auctions and spot a nice impound car of your own choice for as low as $3,000 or so. Isn’t that amazing?

Okay, so are almost convince and you wanted to jump off and rush to any open auctions  today. Hold on a sec, do you have any idea what are auctions like? If you do, then call your local government agencies. But to those who are first timers, then let me enlighten you.

Government Car Auctions
Pros: Vehicles are very cheap plus a wide variety to choose from.

Con: If the vehicles are seized because of unpaid taxes or tickets, it may be a good one. But if it was forced from criminals or immaculate fleet vehicle, then you may have to check carefully if it is still worth it. I bet you don’t need another junk in your garage.

Online Car Auctions
Pros: No wasted time. You can bid right in your home. The description of an item are specifically detailed on the page.

Cons: You have not really check the automobile’s real status. A lot of scammers out there.  Aside from that, you have to figure out a way to transport your car.

Public Car Auctions
Pros: Easy access. Mostly they are announced in newspapers or by any other means.

Cons: Minors are not allowed. Plus you need to present valid ID’s

Private Car auctions
Pros: Excellent quality of cars.

Cons: It is not open to everyone. Probably cost a little higher than Public auctions.

Live Car Auctions
Pros: You can identify the highest bid, giving you an option to either continue bidding or not.

Cons: You tend to be over excited during the bid. Only solution is to control your emotions and stick to your budget limit.

Pros: You can bid anytime. You decide your bid for one time only.

Cons: If it turns it out you’re the highest bidder, then congratulations to you. Otherwise, pick another car and bid again.

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